Ragnarok nib (Tempest Storm Prototype)

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Regalia handmade prototype nib. One of one.

Five layers, joined together with molten steel.
24k Gold plated.
Adjustable line width according to writing angle.
Custom ebonite feed by Flexible Nib Factory.



Compatible with all pens that accept a JoWo #6 screw-in housing unit. This include fountain pens from companies like Franklin-Christoph, Newton Pens, Herbert Pen Co, Carolina Pen Co, Woodshed Pen Co, Kanilea Pen Co, Scriptorium Pens, Opus 88; and many, many more. 

[Not compatible with Monteverde or TWSBI pens]

Please Note

The nib comes as a unit, including the feed and housing. It is installed by screwing the unit into the pen body. It is highly recommended that you do not remove the nib from the feed. The "breather" at the end of the ebonite feed is extremely fragile, and is easy to accidentally break when removing the feed from the housing. Replacements feeds cannot be provided.