Crossflex nib

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The newly redesigned Regalia Crossflex nib. A fully flexible steel nib that easily swaps into a vast number of pens. Specifically designed for compatibility with most custom/artisan pen makers, the Crossflex nib is unbound from any single pen. The Crossflex was created to bring a full-flex writing experience to a pen of your choice. 

  • Full-flex steel nib unit (EF - 3mm)
  • Ebonite feed and housing by Flexible Nib Factory, Jowo #6 Screw-in compatible. Special ordered to Regalia's standards, ensuring the nib is adequately supplied with ink during extended flexing.
  • Each nib is meticulously tuned to provide a beautifully smooth sensation, gliding across the page.
  • Converter compatible (though eyedropper or piston filler is highly recommended for best performance).
  • Individually handmade

Durability, snapback, softness, control. These are the qualities I search for, not "mushy" maximum flex. While this nib is designed primarily for flex writing, with extraordinary softness, the lines delivered must be beautiful. The sensation of creating those lines must be a pleasure. Snapback was highly prioritized when creating this nib.

Starting with a steel standard #6 size JoWo nib, the nib is highly modified by hand to allow for incredibly expressive writing. An individually hand-crafted writing experience. These extreme nib modifications work together in pursuit of a writing experience that's soft, snappy, controllable, and comfortable to use. It's not about softness or max flex. It's about sensation. Computer modeling might be able to design the softest nib, but I bet it can't design for emotion.

A truly handmade writing experience.
The Crossflex.

Compatible with all pens that accept a Jowo #6 screw-in housing unit.

This includes fountain pens from companies like Franklin-Christoph, Opus 88, Newton Pens, Herbert Pen Co, Carolina Pen Co, Woodshed Pen Co, Kanilea Pen Co, Desiderata Pens, Scriptorium Pens, and many, many more. 

[NOT compatible with Bock nib systems]

[NOT compatible with Jinhao, TWSBI, Monteverde, or Conklin pens]

[Compatibility chart coming soon]

Please Note

The nib comes as a unit, including the feed and housing. It is installed by screwing the unit into the pen body. It is highly recommended that you do not remove the nib from the feed. The "breather" at the end of the ebonite feed is extremely fragile, and is easy to accidentally break when removing the feed from the housing. Replacements feeds cannot be provided. 

Ink selection is key for best flex performance. I've found that using wetter ink generally is best to avoid skipping/railroading while flexing. You may find that some inks do not work at all, either due to their lack of flow or inability to maintain surface tension while flexing; for example, I have had little to no success with Montblanc inks in these nibs. Recommended ink includes those by Sailor, Iroshizuku, Diamine, Birmingham, and Waterman. My all-time favorite inks in these nibs are Sailor Yama-Dori and Akkerman Dutch Masters #7.

While these nibs are designed to be durable, please do not abuse them. They are meant to be flexed with moderate pressure, and have the potential to irreparably "spring" if pushed too far, destroying the nib. Please refer to the video demonstration and writing sample for an example of intended usage. I cannot offer replacements, however if you have a problem with your nib feel free to contact me, as I may be able to repair it.



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